How it works
How it works
Pick a Test

We offer project-based tests which represents real world tasks. From research, these kinds of tests have proven to be a true test of a Programmers prowess. The Projects are workplace sample tests that truely emulate the tasks that candidates will be employed to perform. These tests are segmented into various categories you can pick from: full stack, frontend, backend and mobile.

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Invite Candidates

Easily add candidates list, candidates are automatically invited to an online workspace where they are to build the project. This workspace is timed and monitored for cheat detection. We verify candidates identity before they begin the test and monitor them throughout the test session.

Receive Reports

Once candidates are done with the test, we conduct code analysis and evaluate their coding skills based on language specific standards and best practices. Some of the key metrics we measure are: code quality, problem solving, language knowledge and code security.
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