Job board
Job board

Javascript Developer (Full-time)
Ghana | Javascript | ₵2500 - ₵3000 /month
Duties include building a web application.
Android Developer (Full-time)
Nigeria | Angular or React, API, Git, Unit-test | N200,000 - N250,000 /month
Designing and building an Android App. Candidate should be based in Lagos.
Python Developer (Full-time)
Nigeria | Python, Php, SQL skills, Linux, Django, Restful API’s | N200,000 - N300,000 /month
Duties include building a web application. Candidate must be residing in Lagos.
React Native Developer (Full-time)
Nigeria | React Native, Javascript | N180,000 /month
Duties involve developing a mobile application.
Senior Php Developer (Full-time)
Austria | Php 5 and frameworks, Javascript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Jenkins, Selenium, Php Unit, Travis CI or Docker | 7000-10000 euro /month
Duties involve developing web applications and plugins for e-commerce, code reviews and testing. Candidate MUST have more than 2 years working experience. Candidate must be willing to relocate to Austria.
Full Stack Engineer (Remote)
Canada | Python 3 (+ mypy), GraphQL API, Android (Kotlin), Postgres, GCP | $10,000 - $14,000 /month
Duties involve building applications handling financial services. Candidate should have a minimum of 2 years working experience.
Fullstack Engineer (Contract)
Nigeria | Javascript, React or Angular | N150,000 /month
Duties include building web and mobile application.
Frontend Engineer (Full-time)
Ghana | Angular | $500 /month
Involves building an application that handles financial services. Candidate must be residing in Accra
Senior C++ Software Developer (Full-time)
Austria | C++
Great experience with C++ frameworks, working on backend web projects (not embedded) with focus on server architecture. Great knowledge of Microservices, MYSQL and APIs.
Mobile Full Stack Engineer -DevOps (Remote)
Canada | Android
Knowledge in DevOps, Integrate with 3rd party APIs, Improve UIs and our Slack Bots, Migrate components from Heroku to AWS and standup new infrastructure. Deadline: March 24th
Mobile Full Stack Engineer (Remote)
Canada | Payment integration (Android or iOS)
Minimum of 3 years of professional experience as a software engineer building mobile applications. Deadline: March 24th
Machine Learning Engineer (Remote)
Canada | Cloud (AWS/GCP), Data Engineering (Kafka/Spark/Flink etc), ML (Scikit Learn/Tensorflow/Keras/XGBoost), SQL
Integration of vendor tools, training new fraud/anomaly detection algorithms, improve monitoring capabilities, build out new tooling for Risk Management, integrate new data sources, build feature engineering pipelines and help evaluate new models. Deadline: March 24th